Can Ortiz and Jones Return to Form?

A big question leading into the 2009 season is if once All Star players can return to form. During the off-season, Andruw Jones lost the weight that he gained with the Dodgers, and David Ortiz has recovered from the injuries he had last season. So can they be All Stars again? I feel that David Ortiz will do better, but he won't be the same. And as for Jones, I feel that he will have a monster season in Texas.

Is Church Okay?

In a recent interview in Port St. Lucie, Ryan Church, told reporters that he is good to go. Is Church going to produce like he did before he got injured...only time will tell. If Church does not do well, the Mets don't have a proven outfielder to take his place. Even though Church is a big question mark for next year, I believe he will preform well on a consistent basis.


After the recent Sports Illustrated article by Selina Roberts and David Epstein, Alex Rodriguez is in a tough situation. All tabloids(even not sports related) have been criticizing him. One of these tabloids I found on the internet. It is gong to be in Mad Magazine. I find this photo hilarious.