Free Agent Predictions

The Following, is Baseball Society's 2009 Free Agent Predictions.
Top 10
1. Matt Holliday
Contenders- Mets, Cardinals, & Red Sox
Where- Mets
Why- Matt Holliday wants money. All three teams are prepared to offer him money, but the Mets need him more. Because of this, Holliday will get a big contract from the Mets. The only reason he might go elsewhere, is if he is totally committed to winning.

2. Jason Bay
Contenders- Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Mariners, Mets, Cardinals, & Giants.
Where- Red Sox
Why- Bay has already proved himself in Boston. It won't be easy, but Boston will lure him back with a big offer.

3. John Lackey
Contenders- Angels, Nationals, Mariners, Rangers, Yankees, Red Sox, & Mets.
Where- Red Sox
Why- Rather than give up prospects for Roy Halladay, the Red Sox, will sign Lacky to be their #3 starter. With Lackey the Red Sox will once again be a dominating force in the American League.

4. Chone Figgins
Contenders- Mets, Phillies, Yankees, Angels, and White Sox.
Where- Angels
Why- If the Yankees resign Johnny Damon, the Angels won't have many serious contenders for Chone Figgins. the lack of serious interest will bring Figgins back to L.A.

5. Aroldis Chapman
Contenders- Yankees & Red Sox
Where- Yankees
Why- The Yankees love taking risks, and this flame-thrower is worth the risk. Chapman will get a big contract to pitch in New York.

6. Randy Wolf
Contenders- Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Rangers, & Mets
Where- Mets
Why- The Mets need pitching. They will decide to get 2 free agent pitchers rather than getting one (John Lackey)

7. Vlad
Contenders- Rangers, White Sox, Angels
Where- Angels
Why- Vlad will give a discount to stay in L.A., and the Angels won't be able to refuse.

8. Orlando Hudson
Contenders- Nationals, Royals, Mets, & Dodgers
Where- Nationals
Why- The Nationals will land 1 big free agent. If they can't convince Christian Guzman to move to second base, Hudson will be a National.

9. Joel Piniero
Contenders- Mets, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, & Dodgers
Where- Cardinals
Why- It is in Piniero's best intrest to stay with Dave Duncan. Duncan is the one who resurrected his career.

10. Bengie Molina
Contenders- Mets, Nationals, & Giants
Where- Mets
Why- The Mets are desperate for a power hitter. They also need a catcher. Why not combine the two? Bengie Molina is a perfect fit for the New York Mets. He will fit right in the middle of the line-up.

Thats it for now. Gear up for tomorrow, when Free Agents can sign with other clubs.

I'm Back...

Sorry for not posting, but I have been busy. The Hot Stove is just beginning, and I'll be covering it throughout the off-season. I will begin posting off-season predictions tomorrow, but I will leave you with one idea. Dan Uggla to the New York Yankees. It could work. Uggla would be easy to trade for, and would be perfect for the Yankees vacant DH role.