Forget about 2010! The Red Sox have already built a World Series contender. Signing Crawford makes them a force to be reckoned with. No other team will be able to match their monster line-up, and their strong pitching. The Red Sox have that bitter taste from an injury plagued 2010 season, but the Sox have started this off-season with a bang. They have already acquired all-star, Adrian Gonzalez, and now they add another all-star Carl Crawford! The terms of the contract are reported to be seven years for 142 million. 

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UPDATE- Cliff Lee Reportedly Offered 6yrs $140 million by Yankees

Bartlett to Padres

Jason Bartlett has been traded to the Padres for relievers, Adam Russel and Cesar Ramos. The Padres definitely got the better half of this deal. Often people forget that in 2008, Bartlett was considered the "MVP" of the Rays. In 2009 Bartlett was fantastic. He batted .320 with 14 home-runs and 66 RBI's. He has also been a decent fielder. The Rays are now left with Reid Brignac. Brignac showed a lot of promise in 2010, so (concerning SS) there isn't too much to be worried about in Tampa.
 The Padres are getting a great deal. They are getting a nice contact hitter that will fit well in Petco Park. All things considered, Bartlett can only go up from his .254 batting average last year, so that's a plus.

Pena to the Cubs!

Carlos Pena is leaving Tropicana Field and the Rays, and taking his talents to the Cubbies! Pena struggled with the bat last year. He hit under the Mendoza Line (.200). He didn't struggle hitting home runs though. He will be making 10 million for one year with the Cubs. This is not as bad as it looks. Pena is one of the best defensive First-Baseman in baseball, and you can count on him having a better year than last.

Teams Want to Lee-ve With a Star!

According to Jon Heyman Cliff Lee has been offered 7 years by a mystery team. Before speculating about which team made the offer, lets see which teams even have the money to get Lee.
  • Red Sox
  • Yankees
  • Blue Jays
  • Twins
  • White Sox
  • Rangers
  • Angels
  • Phillies
  • Nationals
  • Cubs
  • Brewers
    This is a lot of teams, but not all of them will be interested in making a long term commitment to an "older" player, and some teams who can afford him don't necessarily want to spend the money. In my mind, this "mystery team" is either the Phillies, Angels, Blue Jays, Red Sox, or Nationals. I see teams like the Blue Jays and Nationals trying to make a huge splash, and I see the Red Sox and Angels trying to become the beasts of the American League. The Phillies might be tempted by the "one that got away", and not to mention Jayson Werth is no longer an option.
    In review, I feel as though the Nationals are the ones making this offer. Even though they have declined it, the Nationals make perfect sense. They have an up and coming ball club with a loyal fan base. The team's owners are also committed to winning. With Lee, I see the Nationals being an 85 win team. More to come...

    Wigginton to the Rockies

    Ty Wigginton has been acquired by the Rockies. Although he is a solid back-up, I don't understand how he fits in with Colorado. The Rockies have Todd Helton at first as well as Jose Lopez as their First, Second, or Third baseman. Also, the Rockies have Clint Barmes and Ian Stewart.
    Don't get me wrong, Ty is a solid player, but the only way for this to pay off is if the Rockies trade one of their infielders.

    Marcum to the Brewers...Jays Rotation Spot Open...

    With Shaun Marcum traded to the Brewers, there is now a rotation spot that is vacant. This spot very well could be the home for a former Cy-Young winner, Zack Greinke. Greinke is reportedly available to all teams. The Jays are considered a strong contender for the ace. Considering the blockbuster trades already made, there very well could be a deal for Greinke during the Winter Meetings.

    Crawford's Werth Rises

    Since Werth got a huge contract, Carl Crawford, the far superior player may be seeking a even bigger deal than he was originally. According to the Los Angeles Times, Crawford may be seeking up to 180 million dollars over eight years. Good luck finding that!!

    A-Gonzalez Boston Bound!

    Gonzalez was an amazing pick-up. He will fit in great at Fenway Park. He is a gold glove contender, as well as an MVP threat. Gonzalez will be extended by the Sox, and it will be well worth it. Gonzalez is a loyal player as well as a great team-mate. Additionally, I was surprised and impressed that the Sox didn't have to give up Daniel Bard!

    Reynolds to the Orioles

    Great deal. The Orioles got a great power threat, and a solid glove at third. Reynolds will thrive in Baltimore. Additionally, the team barely gave anything up for him!

    Mets Off-Season Predictions

    The Mets have around 3-5 million dollars to spend this off-season. After rebuilding their front office, the Mets are in an interesting situation. This years free agent market is filled with players coming off bad years or injuries. The Mets can use this as an advantage. The team can sign players like Jeff Francis, Chris Young, or Kevin Millwood. These players in particular can be great for the team.
    In my opinion, Kevin Millwood would be an AMAZING deal. He would be great in Citi-Field, great in the NL, and a great mentor for a young pitching staff.


    It's going to be a great off-season. Crawford, Lee, Werth, and more are all available. Here are Baseball Societies Predictions!
    Cliff Lee- Rangers
    The Rangers will do whatever they have to do to get a deal done. Lee wants to go back to the Rangers, but he needs to see the money. If he doesn't feel their offer is good enough, he's going to the Yankees.

    Carl Crawford- Angels
    Crawford is going to be offered many contracts by many teams.The Rangers, Red Sox, Yankees, Angels, Athletics, and Cubs are all interested in the outfielders services. The Angels need him the most. He will be a good fit in L.A.

    Jayson Werth- Nationals (Signed)
    The team where he fit in best was with the Red Sox. That isn't going to happen obviously, so Werth is headed to Washington. He was obviously overpaid for 7 years. He is being payed over 12o million dollars. This is a risk, but if he is able to hit for a strong average, and hit 25 home runs a year, then this deal will be well worth it.

    Adrian Beltre- Athletics
    After the Gonzalez trade, the Sox don't need Beltre. The Angels might be interested, but the team that is willing to overpay is the Athletics. They supposedly gave up on signing him, but I think he goes there.

    Adam Dunn- White Sox (Signed)
    Dunn signed with the White Sox, and this is a great deal. With some more moves, the Sox will be poised for another October run. Dunn and Konerko will work great together (if Konerko is signed).

    Victor Martinez- Tigers (Signed)
    Martinez is already signed with the Tigers. The deal in my mind will be a bust. With Cabrera at first, Martinez will get most of the playing time at catcher. Martinez is clearly a declining backstop, and in the end this deal will be for a DH.

    Rafael Soriano- Angels
    Soriano is a solid reliever, and he will fit well in L.A. Many teams will look for his services, but the Angels will be the one's willing to pay.