It's going to be a great off-season. Crawford, Lee, Werth, and more are all available. Here are Baseball Societies Predictions!
Cliff Lee- Rangers
The Rangers will do whatever they have to do to get a deal done. Lee wants to go back to the Rangers, but he needs to see the money. If he doesn't feel their offer is good enough, he's going to the Yankees.

Carl Crawford- Angels
Crawford is going to be offered many contracts by many teams.The Rangers, Red Sox, Yankees, Angels, Athletics, and Cubs are all interested in the outfielders services. The Angels need him the most. He will be a good fit in L.A.

Jayson Werth- Nationals (Signed)
The team where he fit in best was with the Red Sox. That isn't going to happen obviously, so Werth is headed to Washington. He was obviously overpaid for 7 years. He is being payed over 12o million dollars. This is a risk, but if he is able to hit for a strong average, and hit 25 home runs a year, then this deal will be well worth it.

Adrian Beltre- Athletics
After the Gonzalez trade, the Sox don't need Beltre. The Angels might be interested, but the team that is willing to overpay is the Athletics. They supposedly gave up on signing him, but I think he goes there.

Adam Dunn- White Sox (Signed)
Dunn signed with the White Sox, and this is a great deal. With some more moves, the Sox will be poised for another October run. Dunn and Konerko will work great together (if Konerko is signed).

Victor Martinez- Tigers (Signed)
Martinez is already signed with the Tigers. The deal in my mind will be a bust. With Cabrera at first, Martinez will get most of the playing time at catcher. Martinez is clearly a declining backstop, and in the end this deal will be for a DH.

Rafael Soriano- Angels
Soriano is a solid reliever, and he will fit well in L.A. Many teams will look for his services, but the Angels will be the one's willing to pay.