Teams Want to Lee-ve With a Star!

According to Jon Heyman Cliff Lee has been offered 7 years by a mystery team. Before speculating about which team made the offer, lets see which teams even have the money to get Lee.
  • Red Sox
  • Yankees
  • Blue Jays
  • Twins
  • White Sox
  • Rangers
  • Angels
  • Phillies
  • Nationals
  • Cubs
  • Brewers
    This is a lot of teams, but not all of them will be interested in making a long term commitment to an "older" player, and some teams who can afford him don't necessarily want to spend the money. In my mind, this "mystery team" is either the Phillies, Angels, Blue Jays, Red Sox, or Nationals. I see teams like the Blue Jays and Nationals trying to make a huge splash, and I see the Red Sox and Angels trying to become the beasts of the American League. The Phillies might be tempted by the "one that got away", and not to mention Jayson Werth is no longer an option.
    In review, I feel as though the Nationals are the ones making this offer. Even though they have declined it, the Nationals make perfect sense. They have an up and coming ball club with a loyal fan base. The team's owners are also committed to winning. With Lee, I see the Nationals being an 85 win team. More to come...